You want to feel great every day : confident in your skin, connected to an inner calm, and living a deeply nourishing life on every level. Well, you can. Discover the wellness method that will change everything for you. Rooted in neuroscience and ancient wisdom, it empowers you to shift from stressed out, drained, and inflamed to fit, energized, and radiant on a deeply cellular level.
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For nearly a decade, I’ve had the honor of guiding busy, professionals and entrepreneurs around the world to a superior state of wellbeing, cognitive performance, and inner bliss. My approach seamlessly blends together science-based practices to improve the function of every aspect of the body, as well as self-care rituals that uplift the mind and spirit. The results? The whole self—the whole you—operating at a heightened level of wellbeing every day, equipped with the tools to maintain it for life.

This is what’s possible for you. Explore how...
Radhika is one of the most knowledgeable health and wellness coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. She is truly a woman who stands in her power and deeply serves others in order to empower them with everything they need to live a more upgraded life.

Karen G, Alignment Strategist,

Radhika has the ability to connect deeply and authenticaly - to be present, create space and share her intuitive insights and tools. Each interaction with her I felt renewed, hopeful and healed.

Andrea R, Account Manager at a food conglomerate

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Is your Vagal tone Causing inflammation ?

        Ancient yoga masters have had awareness of the human body system based on mapping of the body – mind and engaging the whole body – cellular body, organ body, nervous system, muscoskeletal.  In the new paradigm — what does this mind body connection actually mean —  from a physiological perspective the Vagus nerve helps us explain...

7 ways to overcome anxiety and stay calm

      In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed a theme in my coaching with my clients around overcoming anxiety and staying calm.  Now more than ever, we are hyper-connected, or “wired,” if you will. Whether it be to our phones, computers or other forms of technology and social media, many of us spend hours per day...

What is a Bulletproof Coach?

  In May 2017, I got certified as a Bulletproof™ Human Potential Coach. I have been asked several times what this entails. So I thought, I will cover it in this post. Get your matcha latte or even better a cup of bulletproof™ coffee, get comfy and read on 🙂 I have always been passionate about my value for the “love...

What is Activated Charcoal

Why I use activated charcoal as an SOS supplement –  UPGRADED ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is a highly absorbent material with millions of tiny pores that can capture, bind, and remove up to 100 times the charcoal’s own weight in toxins. Just four capsules of UPGRADED COCONUT CHARCOAL has about the same surface area as a football field, which makes it ideal...

We are Not Our Genes and the Power of Epigenetics

  Thinking of upgrading your mind, body and life? If so, then the science of epigenetics and how you can hack your environment to change your gene expression will be of much interest to you.   Several years ago my Mom’s cancer diagnosis led me to delve into studies around nutrition, lifestyle and the science of epigenetics. New research may now...

Inflammation – Easy tips to prevent it

  Inflammation is a natural healing process that is necessary to defend and protect the body from infection and disease. What is not natural is when inflammation becomes generalized and chronic, rather than acute.  Easy tips to include in your lifestyle to control inflammation today : Cook your meat and vegetables lightly, and strive for a mixture of raw and...

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Child’s Immunity (and even yours!)

The stress of the holidays, busy schedules, and changing weather can put stress on your child’s immune system. That can leave her open to colds and flu, but it can also make her susceptible to seasonal allergies (which can stem from an overreactive immune system).  You know what I mean: constant runny noses, ear infections, and missing school — you...

Spiced Meatloaf

  That feeling when you eat a meal and you are in a high vibration mood. All your neurotransmitters are beaming – here I am referring to Dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure center of your brain, also helps with cognitive function and focus. When you eat foods like high quality proteins eg. grass fed meats they contain amino acids (tyrosine), that stimulate the production of dopamine. You feel...

Finding your Focus vs Challenges

  For the last few months, I have been working on a new habit of sharing a monthly blog post. I have not been successful in getting that off the ground or keeping up with that practice. While I was working on getting this personal goal off the ground, I came across this blog challenge. My main objective was to get myself...

“One” Tip to reduce sugar cravings

Do you find yourself often craving certain foods? Have you noticed that your cravings are stronger during particular times of day, months or seasons? Perhaps it feels easier and rewarding to reach for that candy bar, bagel or donut. If you can relate to this, you definitely aren’t alone. Emotional triggers can be at the root of this problem. Just...

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