How Do You Know if You’re Ready for an Upgrade? 

Simple. Life as you know it is no longer satisfying or sustainable. You’re tired, overworked, and constantly stressed. You have zero time for yourself. And you’ve started to notice the impact it’s all having on your body.

Think: daily fatigue, bloating, insomnia, digestive issues, cravings–you name it.

The bottom line? You crave more.

More straight up feeling good—in general.
More looking in the mirror and loving what you see.
More doing what lights you up and gets you excited.
More showing up in life the way you really want to.

The trouble is, you’re not sure how to get from point A to point B.

I get it and I’m here to help.


Upgrading the way your life appears on the outside requires an upgrade on the inside. It’s what I like to think of as a total, whole person elevation—body, mind, and spirit – where

  • improving your diet and the way you treat your body influences the way you treat yourself.
  • gaining clarity around what you really want allows you to reconnect with your inner truth.
  • nourishing yourself physically and mentally transforms the way you show up in the world.

Pulling from my background in psychology, holistic nutrition, and personal experience as a corporate executive, I help my clients step into a lifestyle that is not only sustainable, but also deeply nourishing and heart-centered; one where they feel empowered and connected to their intuition, build self-care practices into everyday, and manage their busy lives with resilience.

STEP 1: Healing your body.

The root cause of dysfunction in the body usually originates in the gut. I’ll walk you through how to repair this vital system and also help you discover a method of eating that works for your unique body type (a.k.a. Bio-Individuality, the concept that there is no one diet for everyone; only a diet that fits the individual).

STEP 2: Mastering your mind.

Our thoughts and beliefs can cause us a lot of grief. Now is the time to discover how your mind is blocking you from what you really want in life, and implementing ways to release those blocks and the stressors they bring. So that you can finally have the clarity and confidence you desire.

STEP 3: Tweaking your lifestyle.

It’s time to adopt a way of living that sustains healthy, happy habits. I’ll show you how to incorporate practices into your day to day (life)so that you feel energized, balanced, and excited to keep it up for good.

My coaching toolbox combines nutrition, mindset, biohacking, lifestyle management and self-care techniques. Specifically :

  • Whole foods inspired diet recommendations to help you heal
  • Meditation and self-awareness practices
  • Rituals to improve emotional nourishment
  • Weekly inspiration and accountability


Corporate Executive Turned Health and Transformation Coach

Ten years ago, I was hiring C-level executives for clients across the globe in banking and financial services; leading the development of teams in India; and hobnobbing with some of the most successful people in the industry.

I was a 20-something who felt pretty important and I was very passionate about my work.

I allowed work to take priority over almost everything else in my life, and it usually had me chained to my blackberry or computer, evenings and weekends. When I wasn’t relentlessly checking email, I would spend nights out indulging with friends. A few too many glasses of wine and meals that most definitely were not “clean,” I often found myself having regular bouts of abdominal pain.

My body was trying to tell me something; I chose to ignore it.

Five years in, this intense, fast-paced, unconscious lifestyle caught up with me. I was chronically tired, stressed out, and my digestion was a mess.

But it wasn’t until my mother was diagnosed with cancer that I took a real hard look at how I was living my life. Her condition propelled me into the world of holistic healing; I was voraciously curious about how to help her get well naturally. And along the way, I got a serious education.

I learned how certain foods helped reduce inflammation; I immediately put my mother and our entire family on an anti-inflammatory diet.

I learned how regular meditation and breath work were key to reducing stress; I encouraged my mom to do both to help cope with the emotion and pain that resulted from her treatments.

And, I realized that I had a passion and desire to help people be well, naturally.

After a long battle, my mother passed away. It was then I knew I had to get started with my career in wellness. To cope with such a painful loss, I found myself drawn to yoga (I practiced 2x per day!); a 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training was calling my name, so I soon enrolled.

Shortly after, I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a school the taught the ins and outs of not only holistic nutrition, but of something called “primary food.” The idea that everything that isn’t on our plate is the most important nourishment of all: career, relationships, spirituality, etc. I knew this school was meant for me and quickly enrolled in their Health Coach Training Program. Here I was a newly minted yoga teacher and health coach in just two years. Most recently I trained to be a Bulletproof Coach. 

My life and my well-being was officially upgraded.

Today, I’m on a mission to inspire other women to embark on their own wellness journeys so they too can experience an upgraded life, inside and out.