Below is an ongoing list of my absolute favorite wellness products, inspirational books, and personal development resources. 

Some of the links below are my affiliate links. I only recommend products or services that I genuinely enjoy and that have been absolutely instrumental in my health, wellness and development journey. I hope you’ll find they do the same for you!


Training :



Supplements and Food Products 

My favorite Bulletproof supplements are : Glutathione Force, Calcium Glucarate and Unfair Advantage. Find them below :

 Shop Supplements at Bulletproof.com

I always get my mold and toxin free coffee here : 

Love adding some collagen to my coffee and smoothies :


 Activated Charcoal : I use this only an SOS basis.  Read more here 



For deep cellular detoxification, anti aging repair, cognitive performance, skin health, inflammation management and more. I love using my Pocket Sauna by Sauna Space(click link below). 


Read more here :

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy Science Page


Natural Skin Care

Love using the Alitura products and absolutely love how they make my skin feel. 

The clay mask is a luxurious self care ritual. I have it on sometime while in the Sauna ! All the products are 80 % food grade ingredients without the addition of preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers, flowing agents, artificial colors or any toxic ingredient.

Alitura Naturals