What is a Bulletproof Coach?


In May 2017, I got certified as a Bulletproof™ Human Potential Coach. I have been asked several times what this entails.

So I thought, I will cover it in this post.

Get your matcha latte or even better a cup of bulletproof™ coffee, get comfy and read on 🙂

I have always been passionate about my value for the “love of learning”. If there is one thing that is a constant in my life – It is the sharpening of my saw – continuous learning.

When I was in college, my Dad introduced me to the work of Stephen Covey, and thus began my journey into the area of self and personal development.

I recall having book discussions with my Dad around Stephen Covey’s book the “7 habits of highly effective people”

Habit 7 – Sharpen the saw.

Sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you. It means having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. Here are some examples of activities:


Physical: Beneficial eating, exercising, and resting
Social/Emotional: Making social and meaningful connections with others
Mental: Learning, reading, writing, and teaching
Spiritual: Spending time in nature, expanding spiritual self through meditation, music, art, prayer, or service

As you renew yourself in each of the four areas, you create growth and change in your life.”

This has since been the foundation of not only my own personal life philosophy but it also encompassed my coaching paradigm. So, when I was looking at the next program that I wanted to delve into – I was drawn to the Bulletproof™ program, as all that it offered and more was completely aligned with this philosophy!  And it was so much more than what I expected!

The course which is created by Dave Asprey and  Dr Mark Atkinson  consisted of:

Over 125 hours of training, 26 guided coaching practice sessions, a 2-day workshop in NYC, 35 weeks virtual training program and a Mindfulness training program that was 8 weeks long.

It was a program that covered innovative, science-based information, techniques, tools, processes, and products to maximize potential, enhance energy, and help people perform better and create success.

We gained the skills to help anyone achieve an upgraded body, mind, and life, regardless of his or her current level of energy, performance, and health.

A Bulletproof coach™ facilitates learning, change, and development in a way that enables clients to realize their potential and achieve their most valued goals.

The 10-month training where in our cohort was assessed on the following included :

  • Bulletproof Diet™ a lifestyle more than a way of eating
  • Efficient way to exercise 
  • Supplements
  • Sleep – sleep cycle, lucid dreaming, various kinds of sleep disturbances, evidence-based approaches to increase quality and quantity, diet hacks, supplements and technology-based approaches
  • Energy – upgrading mitochondrial health, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual sources of energy and power, adrenal health, toxins and energy management tools.
  • Stress + Resilience – strategies using neuroscience and practical tools to build resilience in personal and professional life
  • Coherence Training – how to activate heart’s intelligence using science-based tools
  • Mindfulness – 8 pillars of mindfulness covered in the 8-week training covering the latest neuroscience and cognitive mechanisms of mindfulness
  • Brain Health – how to train and optimize brain health and cognitive performance
  • Hacking Happiness and positive psychology – application of cutting edge research-based strategies to impact well-being and performance for clients
  • The psychology of success – strategies, and tools used by the world’s most successful people to achieve their goals, and positively impact their performance.

In essence as a Bulletproof trained coach™ I now help you upgrade your life to your fullest potential through a systemized and individualized approach encompassing the following:

The 4 quadrants with a “Presence” based approach at the center of it all:

Physical : food, activity, sleep, supplements, self- care, energy

Emotional : Stress reduction, coherence, Emotional Intelligence, relationships

Mental : clarity, focus, mindset, productivity, values

Spiritual : presence, practice, life purpose, meditation, inquiry

It’s a transforming process using presence, conversation, (coaching issues, values, vision, goals), action (obstacles priorities, accountability) and resources (wonder, skill, strengths, hacks, people)

Additionally, integrating all the above with Biohacking, neuroscience, positive psychology to help clients being the best version of themselves. – Vitalized, conscious, and presence centered.

Bonus – Mind shifts, paradigm shifts and a transformed life !

Thank you for reading! 

Drop me an email at radhika@holisticprana.com if you have more questions about coaching!

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