Feel nourished, empowered, held and supported

So you can feel unstoppable every day from a place of calm and ease

Give yourself permission to prioritize 

You’re a busy woman, a high achiever, a wearer of all hats. A mother, a partner, a provider, a nurturer.

But that hustle and busy?

Living in survival mode can come at a cost to your health and wellbeing.

When you’re overfunctioning at work and home, overwhelmed with caretaking, and struggling to invest in yourself, it’s easy to feel like you’re surviving day to day, but not really thriving.

It's not about perfection but being the best version of yourself

Invest in yourself and thrive in every aspect of your life. I believe personal wellbeing is the foundation for success in both your professional and personal life.

By prioritizing your needs and desires, you open the door to a life of freedom and fulfillment. Make that investment in YOURSELF and watch the positive ripple effect it has on every aspect of your life.


Restore balance to all aspects of your life

Feel less busy and emotionally free

Confidently pursue your life goals and take action 

Regulate your nervous system and hormones

Eat well and feel energized 

Sleep with more ease and enjoy deep rest 

Feel more grounded and joyful

Have more focus, mental clarity and creativity

Let go of addictive behaviors and habits  

Feel lighter and radiant

- erica 

“My past does not determine my future” 

“I was experiencing debilitating migraines, stressed, and unhappy. I was not well. Radhika’s holistic and mindful approach brought awareness to all aspects of my mind and body. She brought balance back to my life and helped me see that my past does not determine my future. Now I am living a healthier and more empowered life!”

1:1 WEllness mentoring

Reconnect with your whole self – mind, body, and spirit.

Find the support, accountability, and tools you need. Throughout your customized, dialed-in-to-you program, aligned to your goals, desired outcomes, rhythms and values, you’ll learn to:

Shift old habits and build resilience, even during times of uncertainty.

Find balance and space to live in the present.

Nourish your whole self with sustainable habits that serve your mind, body, and soul.

Create lasting change from the inside out so you can sleep, eat, and live more fully.

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the holistic prana method

Build a Life of Resilience and Balance

Emotional Wellbeing

We’ll assess all aspects of your physical self through a root cause framework and design healthful habits to help you renew and restore. We’ll look at:

Physical Wellbeing

Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll co-create an integrative experience that blends ancient wisdom with clinical sensibilities to upgrade the way you feel in your body and function in your life.

Energy, nutrition and supplements
Eating habits, cravings, triggers
Self care and sleep
Hormone health

Access resilience and develop emotional wellness to manage your feelings from a place of calm. You’ll develop habits to:

Manage and regulate stress
Build resilience
Nurture heart intelligence
Connect deeply with yourself and others

Spiritual Wellbeing 

Elevate your cognitive functions for better focus, attention, and productivity. You’ll learn to:

Mental Wellbeing

Develop mindset and presence
Use productivity healthfully
Tap into your natural creativity
Approach work with deep focus

Connect with your higher level purpose and find spiritual meaning and presence. We’ll focus on:

Discover deeper purpose
Nurture whole body awareness and healing
Access inner awareness and acceptance

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what's included:

12 private 60-minute coaching sessions via zoom.

A customized coaching program designed to meet your goals.

All my tools, rituals and strategies.

Homework, prompts, and coaching support to supplement habit-building.

Unlimited email support and accountability between sessions.

Functional Lab Testing and supplement recommendations as needed.

Live the Life You Were Made For

I believe you can feel unstoppable from a place of calm and incredible every day inside and out, and you can begin again each day. 

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