Kind Words

I was not well. I was experiencing debilitating migraines, stressed, and unhappy. Her holistic and mindful approach brought awareness to all aspects of my mind and body, and together we began to explore and work through my issues to restore my vitality. What I am most grateful for is her deep level of wisdom and resources that have helped me move through my healing journey and bring balance back to my life. Through our working together, I have integrated several changes and practices that have upgraded my life, and I have Radhika to thank for her compassionate support and guidance all along the way and to this day. Another thing I love about her coaching is that she helped me see that my past does not determine my future and that some perspectives that I had was hindering my success. I am living a healthier and more empowered life!

Radhika and I began to work together after an extremely exhausting and demanding family caregiver role. 

erica R. Moore

It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Radhika over the last year and watching her evolve into a truly inspiring health coach. Radhika has combined her passion and knowledge of health into an amazing offering.

Radhika is a beautiful, passionate health coach, committed to being of service and inspiring others.

amanda daley

Tangible shifts in my life after working with Radhika. My energy level is the most noticeable change.

I now have increased energy levels the whole day. I have better focus and feel more accomplished at work and home. Another change I’ve noticed is my attitude toward others, it’s more positive and open minded. My sugar cravings are more manageable . I’ve learned a lot and have been tools to succeed for life. All this and more Radhika has helped me create a vision of what I want in my future. The journey has begun and I continue to stay positive even in the most stressful situations! Radhika is always prepared with a solution. She doesn’t set up unrealistic expectations and never makes you feel like a failure when something goes wrong. Her attitude is always positive and she is there to pick you up. She is very responsive and you will feel like you have a lifelong friend in her!

luisana L.

I knew this wasn’t right and it was time to make a change. After working with Radhika – My relationship to food is totally different. My awareness around food and nutrition has increased exponentially. My digestion is solid now and my energy level is probably 30 percent better. Results for life – Solid digestion, better energy, more awareness about food. Bonus – I also lost around five percent body fat Working with Radhika was unbelievable. I had bad digestion for 20 years and now I don’t. If you want to feel better and have more energy you should reach out to her. If you don’t want this I’m sorry and I hope you’ll examine why.”

- lynn h.

“Before Health + Lifestyle Coaching – I’d always had bad digestion and was currently going through about a two month period of consistent diarrhea. 

I had been trying to get in shape for the past couple of years, but kept hitting walls with staying motivated and inspired.

kelly Price

I had also been struggling with digestive issues for the past few years, I had been going to gastroenterologists with no improvement. I was also very emotionally distraught and stuck in patterns of defeat and negative self image. Radhika is so helpful and understanding with where you are at and the kind of encouragement you need to not feel guilty and to not be dismayed. I’m very thankful to have had this compassionate and encouraging experience with her. It has changed my life for the better. I was very very delighted to find that Radhika thinks about nutrition from all aspects. From the mental, emotional and physical aspects. I have had the most impactful moments in my coaching with Radhika. I was able to stop eating gluten which BLEW MY MIND and sustain it . I have had my weak moments but overall, when during those first few months, I was given so much confidence that I could actually do these tasks that I thought were IMPOSSIBLE in the past. I lost 10-15 pounds. Along with that my stomach issues cleared up completely. I’m finally starting to really monitor my emotions and my thoughts. I LOVE that Radhika has helped me focus on this aspect of my choices with my food and my body. She has shared so many core concepts that I had NEVER even thought of or heard that have radically shifted my approach to life/eating/exercise. Radhika’s coaching is amazing, her knowledge of nutrition and the human body and mind is vast, but what is the MOST important aspect to me is her patience. The care she shows is what has made the difference and I truly believe it is why I was able to make these changes. This is invaluable. She has coached me on so many core concepts that I had NEVER even thought of or heard that have radically shifted my approach to life/eating/exercise. Another great strength Radhika brings to her coaching, is how compassionate she is. She is compassionate in her understanding of your journey, with others, and herself. Seeing this compassion in action is enough to be contagious and to make me want to start being as compassionate as she is. So in short. Radhika is an amazing Health coach, no questions asked you will definitely learn vast amounts over nutrition/ health and exercise. She is SO MUCH more than that so I feel that the title Health coach doesn’t really capture all that areas that she affects and supports. I would very much recommend Radhika to the people I love, to my closest friends, and I’d sing her praises to random strangers!"

What a fantastic workshop!(Radhika's workshop on Gut health and how to optimize digestion holistically)- Informative, interesting, approachable. 

It was the perfect space and energy for it, cozy, relaxed and easy. Everyone in the group made it a point to tell me how great it was and how it was exactly what they needed. The combination of a relaxed but important talk with gentle yoga poses and breathing techniques really made a much deeper impact that either modality alone could. We're all excited for Part II!

Blake Shanley

Radhika is one of the most knowledgeable health and wellness coaches I have had the pleasure of working with.

karen G.

She is truly a woman who stands in her power and deeply serves others in order to empower them with everything they need to live a more upgraded life. 

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I really love the support during our calls, I always feel better and inspired. I also really enjoy the homework and follow up e-mails. That is a big part of the process I enjoy. I did work with a Biz Coach last year who didn't e-mail or provide that, and realized how much I missed it! 

I have benefited with -Direction in my business -Feeling calm about my business and where it may go -Becoming more unattached to $ outcome, ect- showing up out of service -Relationship improvement-around communicating and where we want out marriage to go, what it means to us -Listening to myself more -I feel my business & how I show up has improved and shifted -Spiritually, I feel more aligned.

I will be taking a mini pause, but do want to continue in 2023 when it feels right! Desires are around business and life- Business Growth Improving Coaching Skill Set Life- around marriage, We may try for kids at the end of next year- which brings in a whole different adventure! 

Always! You have helped me in my life so much. You are so knowledgeable, supportive, caring, and trusting. We have worked through so many things, like my sleep problems all the way to me leaving corporate and starting my business :) I feel you are able to help in any area of life, and I am always so impressed by your skills, knowledge, and what you stand for. Everyone would deeply benefit from being coached by you! 

You are so AWESOME! Thank you for everything! 

- ericka day

Radhika is very knowledgeable in her field. 

She listens with intensity and helped me quickly achieve 2 of my goals (within 6 weeks). I would recommend working with her to get you to that next level.Radhika is very knowledgeable in her field. She listens with intensity and helped me quickly achieve 2 of my goals (within 6 weeks). I would recommend working with her to get you to that next level.

jenny avery

Working with Radhika has been a wonderful, positive experience. 

We discuss everything from nutrition to improving daily habits with a focus on health and wellness. I have learned so much from her and truly appreciate her quiet support, soft encouragement, and deep expertise. I recommend Radhika to anyone who wants to invest in themselves and live a better, more healthful life.

dana nightingale

Radhika has been a great help, helping me out to find new resources , which are now part of my daily routine. I certainly feel better, more focused , happier and more energetic. I got so much more than I expected from Rhadika's coaching. I am so grateful that our path has met and I highly recommend her, she is an amazing coach.”

Alexandra O. - Belgium 

“Thanks to Radhika 's holistic and mindful approach , we have worked together to enhance my energy levels due to my Hashimoto illness. 

I was battling bad eating habits, overworked and not sleeping well overall. She had ideas for a new routine, nutrition advise and supplements and I feel so much better! THANK YOU Radhika for everything you do!”

Nita Kolarsick

“I started working with Radhika in October and she is amazing! 

Radhika was able to suggest supplements, nutrition changes and overall life changes to help me get my health back on track. She has been super supportive and such a big help in getting testing done, finding strategies that work for me and my life style and helping to provide guidance overall.”

Melissa Peleg

"I started working with Radhika last year after getting some concerning yearly blood work back.

I was at my breaking point and knew I needed professional help to turn my life around to be around for my family. She met with me to discuss all my concerns/needs and we started working together. She told me that something "magical" happens when people do this work, and she was 100% right! She helped me find resources to change my diet and my attitude. She was always patient with me when I asked the same question more than once and was ALWAYS available via text or email. Even when I feel like stopping the work or have had a few bad days, she is there to pick me up and remind me of why I am doing the work. She is a nutritionist, a life coach, a counselor and an amazing vault of information to help on this journey. I can't say enough good things about her and the work we have done together.”

Amy Higuchi

“Radhika is the best! I came to her with many health concerns and very little confidence that I could change things in my life. 

She will help you create profound changes in your life & health if you're looking to be your best self. Her intellect, knowledge, and wisdom converge to support the whole woman. It's a game-changer, ladies!There's really no way to explain how impactful Radhika's coaching is until you experience it. She will help you create profound changes in your life & health if you're looking to be your best self. Her intellect, knowledge, and wisdom converge to support the whole woman. It's a game-changer, ladies!

There's really no way to explain how impactful Radhika's coaching is until you experience it. 

rachel Leigh

As someone who basically tried everything to cope with my confusing health issues - I found myself feeling exhausted and alone. I reached out to Radhika in hopes of finding relief (even though I wasn’t sure what that meant).

After just a few weeks of working with Radhika, I was surprised at the improvement in my headaches, digestion and mood. She has helped me get clear on food choices (something that felt overwhelming on my own). She always meets me where I’m at, so I feel comfortable sharing. She has a way of helping me integrate practices and changes that will last long-term. I feel empowered and hopeful for the first time in years.

Working with Radhika was truly the best decision. If anyone is on the fence about reaching out to her and it’s 100% worth it. Radhika has helped me manage my tricky symptoms. My day-to-day mood has improved, I have more energy… I just feel better! She’s an inspiring person, and her support has been a game-changer for my health.”

- Cassie

“Working with Radhika has been life-changing. Her support has improved my health issues and completely shifted my mindset. 

If you’re struggling with wellness or life and work balance - she will help you stay accountable on your goals with clarity and tools. Highly recommend her.”

- Laila

“Radhika’s coaching and mentoring has been the most impactful in my life.

You were very knowledgeable and had lots of great things to get me started and keep me going even with only small amounts of time. I also appreciated spacing out our sessions as it was too hard to try to accomodate so many new suggestions in just one week. I always incorporate at least a small walk each day and make time for joy. I'v also gotten better at eating at home instead of out.I really enjoyed working with you!”

- corleen

“I liked that you were so flexible with answering questions even outside of sessions.

 A true state of upgraded high performance. One of the most important aspects she touches on is the recognition of the interplay of stress, inflammation, and epigenetic control on how we feel and perform every day. It's about developing a lifestyle that supports you feeling your best and being the best for those around you. On a personal level Radhika is one of the most heart centered, caring, uplifting and inspiring coaches I know. She has a rich diversity and depth of resources she draws on to help her clients reach their highest self. On top of physical and psychological aspects of biohacking she incorporates eastern philosophies and foundations backed by cutting edge neuroscience, curiosity, and overall well being. She is one of the most balanced individuals I know and a true pleasure to speak with. Take this opportunity to listen to her information and give her a call to see how far you can upgrade your life!"

- Brian Spradin

"In this podcast Radhika expertly weaves the ecology of the physical and psychological systems into an overall state of high vibration and coherence.

Coaching Client Case Studies

kelly's story

dana's story

kaylen's story


The Summary

Learn how Dana went from stagnant & stuck to responding to her stressful life with grace, ease, and resiliency by committing to a customized wellness & life coaching program.

The Challenge

Dana is a busy investment professional & new mom who struggles with fatigue, food
cravings, mood swings, extra weight, general wellness, and finding healthy nutrition that supports her body.

She's hungry all the time and it puts her in binge mode - doesn't feel like there's
anything she can eat and gets frustrated by this.

She has nausea with dairy as well as digestive disorders. If she has even a little bit of
dairy she gets small bumps on her elbows.

Her energy levels are off. She works full time and life has been crazy with 2 kids. She has
a lot going on - her job is stressful.

And finding time for herself seems impossible most days.

Dana signed up for 12 weeks of private coaching with me to finally get the guidance she
needed to get unstuck.

Dana's Story

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The Solution & The Results

We started by creating simple rituals to start her day: hydration, intention setting, journaling, and centering. She was surprised how the little things can make the most significant difference when done consistently over time. Building a morning routine has helped her first get grounded and present before she gets started with her fast-paced work.

Instead of reacting, now she can pause and breathe, which has improved all her relationships and made her more resilient “It’s amazing how this work has a ripple effect and benefits everyone around you”!

We also addressed her nutrition along with lifestyle, customizing her diet to her unique physiology, and with the help of functional lab testing and food sensitivity testing, she experienced improved energy, reduced inflammation, and weight loss as a result. My method is rooted in diet, rest/sleep, exercise, stress regulation, & targeted supplementation. We looked at all these areas to uncover healing opportunities and restore function.

She uses her time with me to proactively plan out her life and goals and insists that one on one high-level coaching was exactly what she needed to move forward and loves that she invested in herself.


The Summary

Kelly commits to 12 weeks of customized coaching and happily loses weight, gives up gluten, and cultivates self-awareness and deep compassion for herself and others.

The Challenge

Kelly is a busy professional who is tired of trying to get in shape and hitting a brick wall. She also battles digestive issues and has invested too much money in practitioners who didn’t help her.

As a result of these painful struggles, her emotions feel out of control. She needs help getting off the roller coaster of shame, doubt, & negativity.

Kelly's Story

The Solution

When Kelly came to me for health & life coaching, she knew she couldn’t do it on her own anymore.

We started by addressing diet, rest/sleep, exercise, stress regulation, & targeted supplementation.

We took our time to work in all these areas to uncover healing opportunities and restore function.

The Result

Kelly has experienced astounding results in 12 short weeks.

She was surprised by how easy it was to give up gluten after many years of failing. She now enjoys eating anti-inflammatory foods. Something that she thought was impossible.

And she lost 10-15 pounds. Along with that, her digestion issues cleared up completely.

In addition to the incredible physical improvements, Kelly is starting to monitor her emotions and thoughts. Another terrific win on her path of self-awareness!

“Radhika is compassionate in her understanding of your journey, with others, and herself.
Seeing this compassion in action is enough to be contagious and to make me want to start
being as compassionate as she is. I recommend Radhika to the people I love, to my closest
friends, and I sing her praises to random strangers!”


The Summary

See how Kaylen shifts from overweight and stressed out to elevating her wellbeing beyond her wildest dreams with personalized mentoring.

The Challenge

Kaylen is a successful online business owner who struggles to manage her weight while juggling all the responsibilities of a busy modern woman.

Most days, she is too overwhelmed with taking care of others first and often neglects herself.

The aging process is catching up with her. Quick fixes like counting carbs, food deprivation, and over-exercising are not effective anymore.

She hit a wall and knew that she could no longer fix her stubborn weight gain on her own. She needed education and accountability.

Kaylen came to me for private coaching and committed to a 12-week program together.

Kaylen's Story

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The Solution 

I took her through my signature method, which focuses on the four pillars of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

She learned about gut healing, changing limiting beliefs, lifestyle adaptations, and inner exploration.

She is slowly creating a new foundation for her well-being, built on simple steps that don’t overwhelm her.

The Result

Kaylen finally shed those stubborn pounds and, more importantly, stopped weighing herself constantly.

She realized the other indicators of wellness - energy, inflammation, and sleep - were the most important areas for her to optimize to get the results she was seeking.

She has created a whole new lifestyle based on caring for herself first.

“I love the journey of discovering what I didn’t know I needed. When you pay for coaching, you make yourself a priority, you set the time aside for you. It’s a beautiful gift to yourself."

She needed the accountability, high-level coaching, and expert knowledge of a coach to help her get unstuck and build a strong foundation of wellbeing that went way beyond losing weight.

Kaylen is so happy with her results; she signed up for another three months.