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Let go of perfection and feel great every day–confident in your skin, connected to an inner calm, and living a deeply nourishing life on every level.

Discover the wellness method that will change everything for you. Rooted in neuroscience and ancient wisdom, it empowers you to shift from stressed out, drained, and inflamed to strong, energized, and radiant.

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Since 2013, I’ve had the honor of coaching 1000s of successful women to tap into purpose, reduce stress, and increase joy. Drawing from my background in psychology, the ancient embodied wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, studies in nutrition and life coaching, as well as my personal experience as a corporate executive, my unique approach helps empower you to shift old habits and elevate your wellbeing for lasting change.

The results? The whole self—the whole you—operating at a heightened level of wellbeing every day, equipped with the tools to maintain it for life.

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Guided Meditation to Manifest your Ideal Day

    Download the meditation now and make it a part of your morning routine.

    Radically Elevate Your Well-Being and Life

    Work with Radhika

    Cultivate inner awareness, calm your nervous system and regulate stress and anxiety. Rituals, breathwork and pranayama.

    Stay Grounded and Present in Every Moment

    Meditate with Me

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    This course will provide you with an intentional seasonal connection using ancient wisdom from Ayurveda and tools you can use to bring clarity, radiance and vitality.

    Find Connection and Intention in Each Season

    PRACTICAL EMBODIMENT - Seasonal Living Course

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    Find support, accountability, and tools you need to elevate your life each day with ease and bring consistency and balance along with connecting you with something greater than yourself. 

    Reconnect with Your Whole Self - Mind, Body, and Spirit


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    Client Transformations

    "Radhika's strengths shine through. She listens from her heart with authentic, consistent care. If you're considering working with Radhika, her enthusiasm, pure presence and attention will carry you across any energetic threshold directly toward your healing."

    - Elena Brower, bestselling author, artist, Podcast host

    - dana, vp

     We discuss everything from nutrition to improving daily habits with a focus on health and wellness. I have learned so much from her and truly appreciate her quiet support, soft encouragement, and deep expertise. I recommend her to anyone who wants to invest in themselves and live a better, more healthful life.”

    “Working with Radhika has been a wonderful, positive experience."

    - cassie, it professional

     "I feel empowered and hopeful for the first time in years! She helped me uplevel my physical health and mental wellbeing. I am forever thankful.”

    “After just a few weeks of working with Radhika, I saw improvements in my headaches, digestion, and mood."

    - alexandria, entrepreneur

     "I certainly feel better, more focused, happier and more energetic. I got so much more than I expected from Radhika’s coaching. I am so grateful that our path met and I highly recommend her, she is an amazing coach.”

    “Thanks to Radhika 's holistic and mindful approach, we have worked together to enhance my energy levels due to my Hashimoto illness."

    - Ericka, Entrepreneur

     "My energy level is the most noticeable change. I now have increased energy levels the whole day. I have better focus and feel more accomplished at work and home. I’ve noticed my attitude toward others, it’s more positive and open minded. My sugar cravings are more manageable. I’ve learned a lot and have tools to succeed for life. All this and more Radhika has helped me create a vision of what I want in my future. I continue to stay positive even in the most stressful situations! Radhika is always prepared with a solution. She doesn’t set up unrealistic expectations and never makes you feel like a failure . Her attitude is always positive and she is there to pick you up. She is very responsive and you will feel like you have a lifelong friend in her!" 

    “Tangible shifts in my life after working with Radhika."

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    My approach is rooted in presence, meets you were you are at, seamlessly blends together science-based practices to improve the function of every aspect of the body, mind and spirit.

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